Academic excellence in a dynamic community

Our curriculum is designed to allow students to strive for excellence through the provision of learning opportunities which enable them to…

Achieving Success

  • Encouraging high aspiration and a love of learning
  • Maximising progress and potential
  • Providing rewarding learning experiences
  • Offering diverse opportunities
  • Recognising and celebrating all achievement

Valuing Others

  • Contributing to a safe school environment
  • Showing tolerance, respect and fairness
  • Listening to and respecting others’ views
  • Appreciating and embracing diversity
  • Being an active member of our school and local community

Delivering Curriculum Intent:

Providing a broad and balanced curriculum at Key Stage 3 in which agreed knowledge and skills developed in partner primary schools are built upon from the start of Year 7 onwards. Students will study the full suite of National Curriculum subjects for 3 years, developing a foundation for successful progression to Key Stage 4.

Providing a Key Stage 4 curriculum which continues to have the EBacc at its heart, to provide a wide variety of subjects enabling students to pursue their own interests and equip them with the knowledge and skills for future education and work.

Providing a Sixth Form curriculum which offers a rich choice of academic and vocational courses tailored to individual students’ needs and aspirations, thereby preparing them to successfully move on to education, training or employment.

Providing a coherently planned enrichment curriculum which broadens students’ experiences, allowing them to further develop their talents and interests both within and beyond subject areas, and to contribute positively within the local community.

Subject leaders have given thought to the key knowledge that they want pupils to learn. They have successfully considered the order in which pupils should learn new knowledge.

July 2023

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Our vision is to be a learning environment in which all students and staff strive for excellence in all that they do.
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