School Uniform

Building a sense of pride

The Helsby High School uniform is central to our schools sense of community. Our uniform plays a key role in promoting pride in our school, self-confidence, and a feeling of belonging within the student body. This contributes to students’ wellbeing, removing the pressures of deciding what to wear to school and the added stress of meeting the expectations of their peers. Uniform removes these aspects of difference between students, and unifies our students allowing them to focus on their academic work.

Wearing our uniform also sets a boundary by placing our students in a ‘working environment’ mindset. It helps them to separate their home and school life and prepares them for these key differences in adulthood.

It is compulsory that all students wear the correct uniform at all times. Students must seek support from their Form Teacher or Progress and Pastoral Leader if they cannot meet our uniform expectations correctly.

Considering the issue of climate change and sustainability, it is important that we also consider a way in which we can recycle our uniform. With this in mind the Friends of Helsby High School have helped us to created our School Uniform Share (SUS) programme. This programme allows parents to request good quality, clean, second-hand uniform in the spirit of SUStainability. SUS uniform relies on donations and donation points can be found in the 3G Pavilion and at our main reception.

For existing students, new uniform can be ordered via Scopay, our on-line payment system and can be collected by your child at the end of the next working day (any queries, please contact the Finance Team)

Alternatively you can download our order form and your child can bring this into the finance office in school.

I like my uniform, especially my blazer with the embroidered badge, it has lots of pockets and I can get to my pens and pencils quickly in lessons.

Tom, Year 7

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