Contacting School

Parents/carers are always welcome to pop into school to talk to reception staff or to phone the main reception (01928-723551), who may be able to advise and will pass on messages to staff if required. However, in today’s world, everyday contact with school is increasingly done by e-mail and hopefully the following is a helpful guide to doing so:

Key Points

– Please do feel free to contact school at any time if you have any type of query, concern or uncertainty. For a list of staff roles and details of how to contact individual members of staff, please see B1a-Staff-list-2023-24.pdf ( Please find a summary below to inform contact over some of the most common issues that arise in schools.

– Please note that staff can understandably not be expected to respond to e-mails outside of normal working hours and do not always get the opportunity to do so in school either if they are working with students. Hence our expectation is that e-mails will be responded to within 2 working days.

– If you do not receive a response within 2 working days then please contact, which should also be used for more urgent issues which cannot wait 2 working days (for example, issues which relate to safeguarding).

– To contact the Headteacher directly, please feel free to e-mail Please note that the Headteacher may though ask other, best-placed, staff to respond on their behalf in the first instance.

– We always encourage parents/carers to get in touch with the school directly, so that we can provide support or resolve concerns as quickly as possible. However upsetting any issue may be though, thank you in advance for your understanding that, as in any workplace, school staff should never have to receive or engage in communication which is aggressive, rude or abusive.

Who To Contact

Issue/Concern Who To Contact
A safeguarding issue/concern or the relevant pastoral team (see below)
Any pastoral concern A child’s Form Tutor or the relevant pastoral team, for a Year 7 issue/concern
Subject information or query, for example about a child’s progress A child’s class teacher or the relevant Department/Faculty Leader (see B1a-Staff-list-2023-24.pdf (
Sixth Form (including attendance)
Finance/Scopay Payment
Transport to/from school School Business Manager,
To make a complaint See HHS-Complaints-Procedure-July-2024.pdf (

Schools are complex organisations, and student issues can be complex, and hence knowing how to raise a particular issue may not always be straightforward. Please contact main reception (01928-723551) or for any support required with raising an issue or concern and we will always endeavour to do our very best to provide necessary information, guidance, support or reassurance as quickly and effectively as possible.

Leaders take effective steps to address behaviour that does not meet their high expectations. Pupils conduct themselves well. Incidents of bullying are dealt with swiftly by leaders. This helps pupils to feel safe.

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