Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre

Helsby High School Learning Resource Centre’s mission is to encourage learning through providing staff and students with the appropriate resources, information and support that they need. We aim to foster in students a life-long love of learning and reading. We hope that giving pupils plentiful access and freedom to use the library will equip them to handle information easily and confidently. We also hope to encourage a love of books and an enthusiasm for reading in our pupils that will stay with them throughout life.

The Learning Resource Centre is a warm and inspiring space where pupils feel safe and stimulated. It offers space for approximately 50 pupils who are welcome to come and complete their homework, revise for exams, and foster a love of life-long learning outside the classroom through reading. The Centre manager is available to advise on book choices, make recommendations, and help with resources such as Accelerated Reader

We are open 8.10am-3:10pm Mondays, Tuesday and Thursday.  Students are welcome to use the LRC during their break and lunch times; the LRC is always a hive of activity at these times.  All students are expected to follow the behaviour code. 

Reading collection

The fiction section of the LRC is constantly being updated with the latest titles in Children’s and Young Adult fiction. We stock a wide range of fiction books to support students’ reading for pleasure. Our collection caters for all tastes and abilities, including classic reads, graphic novels, and shorter reads for reluctant readers. We strive to find the perfect book for every student and our stock is continuously being updated. Students can request titles if there is something they would like to read. 

The non-fiction sets out to support any curriculum needs the pupils have and asks pupils to further read around their subjects, developing their ability to learn independently. The LRC has a large collection of non-fiction books on all topics, with many especially selected to support and accompany curriculum areas and home learning tasks.

Book loans

Books can be borrowed for a fortnight and renewed if necessary. All Years can loan books at no cost to pupils.  However small fees may be necessary if “Overdue Notices” are ignored and books are lost, deliberately damaged or not returned. 

Accelerated reader

An integral part of encouraging our students to read for pleasure is Accelerated Reader.  This is a computer program that helps teachers to monitor students’ independent reading practice.

Students are assessed at the start of the year (using STAR Reading Test) and based on their level achieved are given a ZPD and colour band.  From this, students are helped to select a reading book from the LRC.  They then read it at their own pace. When finished, students take a short quiz on a computer – passing the quiz is an indication that they understood what was read.  Quizzes can be accessed through any computer by following the link in the remote learning section of the website. 

Accelerated Reader gives both children and teachers immediate feedback based on the quiz results. 

Most stock within the LRC has already been given a book level and colour band. If you do need to find a book level of an unmarked book – use the Accelerated Reader Book find website. 

Accelerated reader quizzes can be accessed directly from the link below with your user name and password. 

IT facilities

There is a suite that contains 14 computers.  To secure the use one of the computers, students must hand over their identity cards at the main desk.  Photocopying and printing are also available. 

The LRC Manager liaises with Heads of Departments and teaching staff with regard to curriculum requirements and develops resources accordingly. The LRC has strong links with and is supported by the Education Library Service who provide additional resources in the form of books, videos, project boxes and objects to support the curriculum and termly training.

LRC behaviour code 

We have a large number of pupils using the facilities each day and it is a well-used resource, however, some rules have had to be made to protect the equipment and we would kindly remind everyone using the LRC needs to follow them. 

  • Phones must be on silent when in the LRC and the filming of other students is not allowed.
  • Only water is allowed in the LRC
  • NO food in the LRC
  • Anyone whose behaviour disturbs other students will be asked to leave. 

Any Failure to follow these rules will result in the student being asked to leave and being reported to their PPL. 

I feel really proud when I look at all my achievements on my LORIC profile, I have already achieved my Pioneer level and now I am moving onto my Graduate level.

Sophie, Year 9

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