Sixth Form Enrichment

Sixth Form Helsby is about more than just academic success

We offer students a broad range of enrichment opportunities that takes place on Wednesday afternoon each week.

This helps to ensure that students leave us not only with excellent academic results but also as well-rounded young people equipped with the skills to succeed in an ever-changing world. The sessions support attendance calculations and are a powerful addition to UCAS or apprenticeship applications. Students choose the enrichment opportunity which suits them and fits with their interests. They may be able to experience a range of enrichment throughout the year, depending on the length of the enrichment course opted for. Our enrichment courses give students the chance to work with different members of the Sixth Form student cohort and therefore provides further important social networking opportunities.

We also offer students the chance to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, which is designed to challenge young people to attain good standards of achievement and endeavour in a wide range of activities.

The opportunity to spend four weeks abroad with Camps International is another way students can learn some of the core life skills which include team building, resilience, confidence, community spirit and how to grasp and learn from adventure. We offer a range of other opportunities, extra qualifications and work experiences which will develop these key skills, and students will find out about these as they study with us.

The ability to balance all aspects of work with enrichment opportunities is a key attribute of any successful Sixth Form student. Our students are supported to manage this, balancing their studies with the exploration of their interests and passions outside of the classroom.

Beyond the classroom

Students can opt for the enrichment that suits them best from a list of activities and experiences. These enrichment opportunities alter from year to year based on the interests of our cohort of students and the specialisms of the teachers offering these enrichments. Please see an example of some of our enrichment offer below:

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

Camps International

NCS Programme

Certificate of Financial Studies (CEFS)/ Diploma in Financial Services (DipFS)

Certificate of Financial Studies (CEFS)/ Diploma in Financial Services (DipFS)

Level 3 extended project qualification (EPQ)

Each department area offers their own extra curricular activities, which are offered in addition to the Wednesday afternoon enrichment programme. The details of these extra curricular offerings can be found on the subject pages of our Sixth From Helsby prospectus.

We encourage our Sixth Form students to boost their profile and learn new skills through paid or voluntary part-time work. Progress Mentors will support their students to ensure they manage this work with their studies.

Students are encouraged to plan their part-time work to enhance their studies and receive advice and guidance from our independent careers advisors. Many of our students secure part-time work which develops the skills and abilities needed to further their future career plans.

Socialising is important to young people. It can help prevent feelings of loneliness, sharpen memory and cognitive skills and increase happiness and feelings of well-being.

Much of our planning at Sixth Form Helsby revolves around ensuring students have the opportunity to socialise with adults and peers. Our Wednesday afternoon enrichment programme gives all students the opportunity to mix with students outside of their timetabled lessons. It also allows our students to forge good working relationships with adults that are not their subject teachers.

Our E-café is open all day exclusively for Sixth Form students, and provides a welcoming place to socialise or work.

Our Network meetings and ‘off timetable’ events, such as our NCS programme, allow our students ample opportunity to develop important life skills surrounding building successful relationships and socialising.

The different career and learning opportunities provided have helped me expand my horizons and learn more about the different paths that lead on from GCSEs and Sixth Form

Gemma, Year 12

Your future awaits

Our vision is to be a learning environment in which all students and staff strive for excellence in all that they do.
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