Student Leaders

Develop new skills as part of our Student Council

Leadership is not an easy skill to master. Leaders need to be able to inspire others, be good listeners and be able to offer guidance. As part of their work on the student council our student leaders develop courage, passion, confidence, commitment, and ambition. They will help build on the strengths of our school in a variety of ways. For instance our democratically elected Year 7 Student Council have completed helpful work which has informed our school rewards system.

Our Student Council members represent their form groups and are elected by the members of the Form. Our Student Council meet regularly with our Headteacher Mr Hill and share their thoughts about key issues in our school. The School Councillors are also able to share the thoughts and opinions of their Form members with the Senior Management Team at these meetings.

Pupils, including students in the sixth form, have opportunities to serve their community. Pupils take joy in fundraising and helping others. This helps prepare pupils for life beyond school.

July 2023

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Our vision is to be a learning environment in which all students and staff strive for excellence in all that they do.
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