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Enrichment is an important addition to a student’s life in a school. These opportunities allow students to develop or hone the skills needed to become well rounded members of society. Our enrichment activities allow students to develop their personal interests, passions and talents beyond the academic curriculum. Students get the opportunity to work with other students and teachers that they may not have chance to work with in the timetabled lessons. This allows students to develop relationships and build friendships with those who have common interests.

We offer an exciting and varied programme of enrichment activities from years 7-13.

Our Enrichment Programme Mission Statement:

Excellent enrichment is an essential part of school life and all students will have access to this exiting programme. The contributions to our Programme will be celebrated and teachers and students will feel proud of their involvement. The range, quality and up-take of opportunities will be impressive. Through the Enrichment Programme activities students develop important life skills and become well-rounded, happy and motivated young people. They have the chance to achieve success, value others and enjoy being part of the school community.

Our enrichment offer at Key Stage 3 & 4

Our enrichment offer at Key Stage 5

At Sixth Form Helsby we offer a broad range of enrichment opportunities which take place on Wednesday afternoons each week. This helps to ensure the students leave us not only with excellent academic results, but also as well-rounded young people equipped with the skills to succeed an ever-changing world.

The enrichment offer will change from year to year based on the preferences of that year‘s cohort of students.

This year’s enrichment offer for Sixth Form Students:

• BSL (British Sign Language)
• Cooking
• Careers Support
• Driving Theory/Vehicle Maintenance
• Sport
• Italian
• Volunteering
• Debate
• Newsletter/Creative Writing

Sixth Form Enrichment Timetable

Other enrichment

The Bronze Award will be offered to Year 9 this year and the Gold award will be offered to our Sixth Form students.

Students in Year 9 will be able to progress through the award scheme and complete their Silver Award in Year 10 and their Gold award in Sixth Form Helsby.
We ensure they are free to focus on their examinations in Year 11.

The scheme is open to all students and although there is a cost involved in the scheme, we encourage students to express their interest and discuss any difficulties with payment with the D of E lead: Mrs Tatham. The scheme is an excellent way to build life long memories and the achievement clearly shows the dedication and resilience of these young people.

Students are often offered life changing international experiences at Helsby High school. These can range from Languages Exchange programmes to Artist Workshops in Tuscany.

This year students from Year 10-13 are spending four weeks in Kenya with Camps International. Students will work hand-in-hand with locals, become immersed in the culture, learning traditional skills and making an important impact through the charity building work.

They will have life changing experiences whilst exploring open savannahs, vibrant deserts, breathtaking beaches and rural villages. Our students work with the school and local community to raise the funds needed for this amazing trip.

Pupils benefit from a range of visits that brings their learning to life. These visits help to nurture pupil’s interests in different subject areas.

July 2023

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