Transition to Sixth Form

Making the jump from Year 11 to Sixth Form

Joining a Sixth Form is an exciting and challenging time in a student’s life. Students who have the achieved the GCSE results to secure a place at Sixth Form Helsby have already achieved so much and can now begin thinking about what they would like to achieve next. This can be a lot for a young person to consider and it is essential that they are supported both pastorally and academically to plan these life decisions carefully.

Careful guidance is also offered in order to ensure students manage the changes to their timetables effectively. Balancing their studies with paid employment, working well in their study periods and socialising with new people can be daunting but also enthralling. Helping students to manage the differences between Year 11 and Sixth Form is an important part of our Transition Programme.


Our Sixth Form Transition Programme

We run two days of taster lessons for our students to help them make informed decisions about what to study at Sixth Form. One of our Taster Days takes place in Year 10 and one takes place in Year 11. This allows students to experience a good range of Sixth Form lessons. Some of the subjects sampled will be new to students as these courses are only offered in our Sixth Form.

We are also happy to welcome students who are new to our school to our Taster Days. Every year we welcome students to our Sixth Form who have not studied with us in years 7 -11, our transition programme successfully integrates these students so that they feel happy and confident to start with us. When released, the dates for our Taster Days will be found on the Latest News section of our website and prospective students can email for more information.

All students will have a Sixth Form interview during Year 11, this is an important part of the application process. This relaxed and informal interview allows students to discuss their Sixth Form plans and the subjects they would like to study. They are given advice about how to select their combination of courses and can discuss their plans after Sixth Form and career aspirations. Students are then able to complete their application form for Sixth Form based on the information gained from their interview.

We run two application sessions, one in the first term of Year 11 and one in the second term. We recommend that students apply as soon as possible. We take the subject choices from the first round of applications to design our option blocks, ensuring they allow students to study the courses they have selected, this works in the vast majority of cases. The option blocks are then fixed and anyone applying after Christmas will have to fit into these option blocks.

Our induction mornings take place after the application process. These mornings allow students to find out more about Sixth Form life. Students will have the opportunity to meet the Progress Mentor team and discuss the pastoral and career support offered through our innovative Network programme.

Students will meet with our Head Student team and ask them questions about topics such as workload, socialising, and time management. They will also be able to find out more about our popular enrichment programme and the ways in which they can boost their profiles whilst studying with us at Sixth Form Helsby.

Preparing for life after Sixth Form

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I wanted the chance to influence how my Sixth Form is run and I was pleased when the opportunity to apply for Head Student and Student Ambassador was offered to me. The leadership opportunities are at Sixth Form Helsby are good.

Josh, Year 12

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