Sixth Form Leadership

"The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow" - Nelson Mandela

Students have the opportunity to apply for a large range of leadership roles at Sixth Form Helsby. This allows them to “make their mark“ on their Sixth Form whilst developing important skills. Leadership is a difficult skill to master and our students are supported to make contributions to their Sixth Form and feel proud of these achievements. Last year over 40% of students applied for leadership roles in year 12 alone, and many secured one of these positions, proving that our students have the drive and ambition to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Yearly, students apply and interview for five Head Student leadership roles. These five students meet regularly with our Headteacher and the Director of Sixth Form and are able to shape the way their Sixth Form runs. They also learn how to promote and market their Sixth Form to others.

Other students secure Senior Ambassador positions and ‘make their mark’ on important school priorities such as transition, mental health and charity/community work.

Many more of our students become Subject Ambassadors and support Departmental Leaders in the promotion of their subject and help support the progress of lower school students in lessons and clubs.

Students are encouraged to develop their leadership across a wide range of activities and events, these include:

  • Sports Leader Award
  • Health & Social Care work experience, leading in the community
  • Drama productions provide a range of opportunities on-stage and backstage
  • Self-arranged work experience placements
  • In-class support, leading the learning of younger pupils
  • The ability to successfully lead teams of your peers in the field: e.g. on Art trips to Italy & London; Biology fieldwork to Anglesey; English trip to London; and Geography trips to anywhere from Formby sand dunes to Iceland
  • Developing leadership on the sports field in Sixth Form sports teams
  • Presenting at assemblies & as part of the PSHCE programme
  • Leading guided tours of school to visitors
  • Leading organisation of a variety of evening events in school
  • Leading charity and fundraising activities in school – e.g. School nominated Charities and the Marie Curie & Poppy Appeal in the local community
  • Peer mentoring: leading on support for younger pupils in school
    Year 13 leading Year 12 to pass their Driving test (the theory part only!)

Sixth Form Head Students and Student Ambassadors are always encouraged to develop their own leadership ideas.

Being the Senior Ambassador for Year 6 Transition has given me an insight into my own abilities and how this could influence my future and interests. I now know that I want to go into education or teaching.

Alexie, Year 12

Your future awaits

Our vision is to be a learning environment in which all students and staff strive for excellence in all that they do.
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