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We accept applications to Sixth Form Helsby when students are in Year 11. We also accept applications from outside of our main school and from over-seas. Students who are already part of our school will receive our Sixth Form Helsby Application Form in registration but this can also be found below.

We ask students to indicate a maximum of four subjects that they would like to study in our Sixth Form. We would expect the overwhelming majority of students to study three A-levels, however it may be appropriate for some students to study four subjects, and this will be discussed on an individual basis with students.

All students applying to join Year 12 will have an individual interview with one of the school Sixth Form leadership team. This is an opportunity to discuss their application, find out more about each student‘s interests, and answer any queries about life at Sixth Form Helsby.

It is important to know that students are not committing themselves to any subject at this stage. We ask students to indicate their preferred options so that we can gauge potential class numbers and so that we can try to form a timetable which accommodate the wishes of students as far as we possibly can.

Once we have completed all student Sixth Form interviews, we begin to create the subject option blocks from which students choose the final subjects in August.

We have a number of events and information sessions to help prepare students for the transition into Sixth Form. These events begin in Year 10 and allow students to sample Sixth Form life to see if this is something they would like to aspire to. A timeline of these events and sessions can be found below.

Sixth Form timeline
Year 10
Year 11
December - year 11
February - Year 11
July - Year 11
August results day
Sixth Form taster day
Sixth Form taster day
Application submissions
Sixth Form interviews
Induction mornings
Sign up for courses
Submit an application form

I enjoy the smaller class sizes at Sixth Form Helsby, my teachers are supportive and I liked the fact that I knew the staff that would be teaching me.

Izzy, Year 1

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