Year 10 End of Year Assessment Information

We would like to share with you the timetable for our upcoming  Year 10 End of Year Assessments, which will take place from Monday 10th June 2024 until Friday 21st June 2024. During this assessment fortnight, students will complete formal assessments in each of their subjects. This will enable us to assess their attainment and progress in their qualifications, and identify each student’s strengths and any gaps in their knowledge so that targeted support can be put in place.

To support students with their preparations for these End of Year Assessments we have provided students and parents/carers with a timetable for when each assessment will take place, as well as a supporting booklet outlining what subject specific content will be assessed, including where students can access resources for their revision. These documents can be found via the links below:

Link to Assessment Timetable

Link to Assessment Preparation Booklet