The Woman in Black Review – By Elisa R

Recently, a group of year 8 students and staff visited the Playhouse Theatre for an evening of entertainment watching ‘The Woman in Black’. We are delighted to share with you a wonderful review, written by Elisa R, Y8, who saw the on stage production in December. Well done Elisa!

On the 5th December, 41 Helsby High Year 8 students arrived in Liverpool to watch a production of Susan Hill’s ‘The Woman in Black’ at the Playhouse Theatre. All of us students were buzzing with excitement whilst eagerly awaiting our friends to join us on the coach. We had a fun journey to the theatre and a short walk through Liverpool to reach the theatre, where we saw lots of Christmas decorations and lights! When we got to the theatre, we took our seats, opened our snacks and eagerly waited for the show to begin. The performance was absolutely captivating and all of the pupils and staff were engrossed in the frightening, yet engaging story line. The story of a dark-clothed, eerie woman haunting the lives of her victims, kept everyone in the edge of their seats. The special effects, such as smoke and light, added a dramatic touch that left us all totally on edge. All of us students would highly recommend the show and thoroughly enjoyed it. We were even complimented on our respectful behaviour during the performance by some strangers in the audience, who said that we did our school proud! Thank you to Miss Harrison for organising the trip and to all of the staff supporting. We’re really grateful for the opportunity.

By Elisa R Y8.