Cycle To School 2 Week Challenge

On Monday 30th October, we set students from years 7-13 the challenge of cycling to school, come rain or shine, as many days as they could for 2 weeks. We are delighted to reveal our challenge winner Joe and runners up Adam and Timur, who cycled to school 10/10 days and 8/10 days respectively! We are so impressed with the determination, enthusiasm and ambition these students displayed, focusing on the challenge goal, despite the weather not always in their favour! These students displayed the resilience required to cycle to school whatever the weather! We were thrilled to present these students with their hard earned and much deserved cycling goody bag prize and certificate at our recent Awards Presentation.

Furthermore, not only have these students showed impressive dedication to the challenge, they are also taking responsibility for the important task of improving our carbon footprint, by choosing a greener method of transportation – opting to cycle the short journey to school, rather than travelling by car or public transport. Mrs Cross’ Assembly week focus emphasised the importance of the small adaptations to our lifestyle, which we can improve on to reduce the fossil fuels and greenhouse gases we produce. Mrs Cross informed students about the difference it would make to our planet if we reduced the amount of times we travelled by car/public transport to school, and instead opted to go by bicycle or on foot. It is pleasing to see our students engaging with this important message, and acting effectively by doing their bit to improve our community’s environment! This is extremely important – well done to everyone who took part in the challenge, keep up the good work!

Additionally, we are excited to share that at the beginning of term, we introduced our brand new bike shelter at school, kindly gifted to us by Cheshire West & Cheshire Council, Protos Energy and the Friends of Helsby High School! We are so grateful for the generous grant they donated to us in order to provide a safe space for our students to lock their bikes and scooters away during the school day. Their kindness is encouraging and enabling students, like those who competed in our cycle to school challenge, to use a healthier and more environmentally friendly method of transport to travel to school! We look forward to seeing the uptake in cycling/scooting to school rise as the weather gets better!

Thank you to all our students for engaging in the Cycle To School 2 Week Challenge, we hope you enjoyed it!

Photo of winning student.