Year 13 Information Evening – 26th Sept 2023

The purpose of this Information Evening was to introduce you to some key members of staff that will be working with and supporting Year 13 students during the next academic year. We hope we were able to provide you with the necessary information to support and guide both students and parents/carers as they prepare for their Advanced Level and Level 3 Vocational examinations in summer 2024, and prepare for the next stage of their education, training or employment journey.

One of the first significant events in the students’ academic calendar is our upcoming Year 13 Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs or Mock exams), which will take place from Monday 30th October until Friday 10th November. During this PPE fortnight, students will complete formal assessments in each of their subjects. This will enable us to assess their attainment and progress in their qualifications, and identify each student’s strengths and any gaps in their knowledge so that targeted support can be put in place.

To support students with their preparations for these PPEs we have provided students and parents/carers with a timetable for when each assessment will take place, as well as a supporting leaflet outlining what subject specific content will be assessed, including where students can access resources for their revision. These documents can be found via the links below

During this event we also provided you with information regarding how you as parents/carers can support your sons and daughters through this PPE assessment fortnight and beyond, and discussed useful revision and examination techniques. We also provided you with some key dates for the academic year with regards to other assessments, reports, Parent/Carer Consultation Evenings, UCAS and other information to support their transition onto higher education, apprenticeships, training or employment.

We have included the presentation of the evening and the supporting materials below in case there were parents/carers or students who were unable to attend.

We aim to provide our students and their parents/carers with the tools and resources needed to guide them through this very important year and help them to prepare for the next stage in their academic and career journey.

Thank you for your ongoing support and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries;