Year 12 Recruitment Ready and Future Planning Day

Sixth Form Helsby is dedicated to equipping our students with the necessary knowledge and skills employers’ desire in applicants in order to ensure our students are best positioned when applying for future pathways. This year, we have put our Year 12 students through their paces, partaking in a series of workshops, talks, and visits, useful to them when deciding which future pathway is most suitable from those they may already be considering and widening their knowledge of those they have not yet considered.

This week, Year 12 took part in their Recruitment Ready Day, where they were visited by employees of large and successful businesses from varied industries. Thank you to the CWAC Young Chamber of Commerce, Bank of America and The Russell Group who provided Year 12 students with valuable insight into assessment tests, CV Writing and interview Skills and techniques. Year 12 are now well prepared for life after Sixth Form Helsby and have a bank of resources to ensure their successes.

A further thank you to staff from The Page Group, Chamber of Commerce, ITAS Solutions, Altimex and E2E who joined Year 12 to guide students through mock interviews and feedback sessions during their Future Planning Day. This experience proved extremely useful for our students, and they were able to gain valuable experience in a real life scenario, many of our students overcame their fears and realised this was not the daunting experience they thought it might be.

Sixth Form Helsby have a myriad of future pathway events lined up for next year for Year 12, and are looking forward to supporting students to make important choices for life after Sixth Form Helsby. Year 12 should be so proud of the responsible, courteous and dedicated young adults they are all developing into.