Emily’s Trip to Silver Bay

On 3rd July, the Year 12 Biology class undertook a fieldwork investigation in Silver Bay, Anglesey, in order to collect data as part of our A-level course. It was a fantastic opportunity to develop our sampling and fieldwork skills, using quadrats, transects and measuring callipers. 

Collecting the data was a new and fun experience for us, as we all had fun trying new equipment and exploring the beach. Moreover, we enjoyed down time by playing together on the beach, whilst being introduced to a new game of ‘Frisbee’ by Dr Parkes, which had both teachers and students laughing and smiling. 

On returning to the lab, we had collected sufficient data to perform statistical tests and statistical analysis to determine significant differences in distribution or morphology of the studied marine organisms. Overall, it was a great day and invaluable for enhancing our skill sets as biologists.  

By Emily A (Year 12)