Introducing our 2023-2024 Head Student Leadership Team

At Helsby High School our Sixth Form students are able to play an important part in our school community. One of the ways they do this is by becoming one of our Head Student Team. Each year Helsby High School elects a Head Student Leadership Team, Senior Ambassador Students and Student Department Ambassadors to lead the student body. We are delighted to introduce our Head Student Team for 2023-2024, and look forward to seeing their involvement assisting our school community over the next academic year! A huge congratulations to Florence D, Hannah D, Olivia L, Gracie P and Ethan W, our new Head Students!

These students underwent a rigorous selection process, including a formal interview scenario where they were asked to share reasons why they are a suitable fit for the role of Head Student. Mrs Cross, The Director of Sixth Form Helsby, and Mrs Robinson, The Deputy Director of Sixth Form Helsby, were particularly impressed with how they communicated their skills and abilities and are so proud of the way they earned themselves a deserved spot on the team! The dedication and resilience these students displayed during the selection process was excellent, and we thank them for the exceptional way they presented themselves throughout.

These students are already proving to be exemplary Year 12 students. Florence will be directly involved in inclusivity at Helsby High School including the topics of LGBTQ+ and SEND. Hannah will lead Sixth Form social events and student voice, ensuring the student community are familiar and happy with school affairs. Olivia will provide her support to issues surrounding mental health and sustainability within school and will be the Sixth Form link for the main school student council. Gracie is responsible for assisting the smooth transition for year 6 and year 11 students. And Ethan is helping to lead the charity work Helsby High School take part in, as our community link. Utilising each of the students’ strengths and areas of interest will ensure all essential areas of school life are covered and supported by a member of the team, providing direct channels between students, staff and the local community. Each Head Student will lead a team of Senior Ambassadors who they will work closely with to support the Helsby High School community.

Well done to the following students who are our Senior Ambassadors, they should be proud of the way they conducted themselves to earn their position on the team: Jack D, Grace S, Abbi A, Chloe W, Millie G, Jasmine L, Seth P, Clementine C, Ella A, Emily A, Beth H and Lily N.

We are also pleased to announce the following students who have been assigned as Department Ambassadors. They have all demonstrated an outstanding attitude to learning in their classes and will support younger students and teachers in their departments this year: Abbi A, Grace S, Emily A, Ellie M, Heather S, Holly C, Emily A, Jasmine L, Emmy C, Beth H, Lucy B, Seth P, Millie G, Lily N, Heather S, Jack D, James W, Beth H, and Ella A.

Well done to all our Young Leaders! #fosteringfutureachievements #valuingyoungvoices

picture of students sitting around table chatting