Helsby High School Pond Redevelopment

Image showing the various development stages.Over the past two summers, the Helsby High School pond redevelopment has been underway. We are delighted to say that this has now been completed, and our newly developed pond has established a much broader level of Biodiversity. Our students have lots of exciting and unusual organisms to catch!

The past few weeks have seen the first of many groups of students visit the newly reconditioned Helsby High School pond, to study the wildlife that is living there. Mr Jankowski, who has worked extremely hard to create this fantastic interactive learning environment for students, took Year 7 Science classes to the pond, where students enjoyed using nets to catch organisms including Great Diving Beetle Larvae, Newts, Pond Snails, Mayfly Larvae and Water Boatman in their recent practical lessons.

After catching their organisms, students viewed these under binocular microscopes and further study has been completed to understand the habitat and feeding relationships there. The vast knowledge our students have gained from studying this new habitat is valuable for their science lessons, future visits to the pond and enables them to assist with pond maintenance.

All students who have visited this new and much improved area of school left with a smiling face and a vastly improved understanding of the species living in our pond. We look forward to continuing introductions for all our students to this brilliant space this term!

Images of students visiting the pond to catch and study the organisms.