NOUGHTS AND CROSSES YEAR 9 TRIP – Thursday 24th November

NOUGHTS AND CROSSES YEAR 9 TRIP – Thursday 24th November

On the evening of Thursday 24th of November, 45 Year 9 students went on a wonderful trip to see Noughts and Crosses in the Playhouse Theatre in Liverpool, organised by Miss Harrison and Ms McGuirk.

Our night started off with us all meeting in the Helsby bus park at 5:45pm. By 6pm, we were on our coach to start our journey to the Playhouse Theatre. On arrival, we made our way through the bustling streets of Liverpool and took our seats in the stalls at the very front of the theatre!

As the play started, I was immediately captivated by the amazing acting. The depth of the show was incredible, and it was such a good way to learn about all the inequalities and prejudice in our world without being too deep for us as young people to understand. My personal view of the show was it was a once in a lifetime experience and if anyone else was to get a chance, that it is something you should try to go and see. The ending of the play was shocking but made you think about all the hardships so many people face in our everyday society in an incredibly imaginative way. I have spoken to many of my friends who also went on this trip and I can safely say that everyone was just as engrossed as I was.

Thank you to Miss Harrison, Ms McGuirk, Mr Tolley and Mrs Till for accompanying us on the trip. lt was such a wonderful night.

Sophie B, Year 9