Poppy Appeal Wednesday 2 November – 11 November

Dear Parents and Carers,

Students from our Sixth Form, led by Laura Watson and Sissy Anderson (Yr 13) who are our Senior Charity Ambassadors, have arranged the sale of poppies and Merchandise in support of the British Legion from Wednesday 2 November at Helsby High School. These students are asking for donations towards the appeal in return for a poppy to wear in support of the work the British Legion do for Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, veterans and their families.

Laura, Sissy and our other Sixth Form students will be visiting form groups each Morning from Wednesday 2 November – 11 November for students to purchase a poppy or other remembrance merchandise.

There will also be an opportunity for students to purchase items from the breakout space during break and lunch time during this period.

Laura, Sissy and their team hope that all those who feel able to support the cause, remember to bring some change to school during these two weeks and that they wear their poppies with pride.

During the week commencing the 7th of November students will be learning about this enduring symbol of remembrance with their form teachers in form time and in their History lessons in the run up to remembrance day.

We would like to thank you for your support.

‘Lest we forget’


Kind regards

Mrs V Cross – Director of Sixth Form, Community Lead

Miss Laura Watson (Yr 13) – Senior Charity Ambassador

Miss Sissy Anderson (Yr 13) – Senior Charity Ambassador