School Uniform Share

School Uniform Share – ‘SUStainable’ Uniform at Helsby High School

The Friends of Helsby High School are helping to run a provision which will give out good quality Second-hand uniform for students in all year groups. Such provisions have benefitted parents and carers across the country and we are pleased to have started our own version. Extending the life of school uniform garments by donating, swapping or taking is a more sustainable way to source uniform for your child and we hope families will find this useful.

The School Uniform Share (or ‘SUS’) operates as a free system where families can request the uniform they need by emailing our School Uniform Share email address. The Friends of Helsby High will then process these requests, ensuring a more eco-friendly approach to acquiring school uniform.

A recent report by the Guardian estimated over 235 million items of clothing in the UK reached landfill sites this year. A recent commissioned survey of 2,000 people carried out by the supermarket Sainsbury’s found three-quarters of consumers bin clothing instead of recycling or donating it. We are very proud that we are working together to find a better way to source uniform and prevent it from reaching landfill.

We are hoping that donating and collecting this uniform will be an easy thing to do as we will have key donation points in the pavilion building of the community 3G pitch on our school field and via reception in the main school building. The donation points will have large cardboard containers marked with the Helsby High School logo and ‘School Uniform Share drop off point’ clearly labeled on the containers.

We will also be running a donation point in the bus park before school on specific mornings for parents to drop off any unwanted uniform. Please watch our social media to find out which days these will be. Our first donation morning of the year will be will be Friday 21st October during morning drop off to school 8:30am. A member of the Friends of Helsby High School will be in the bus park with another cardboard container ready to collect donated uniform at these times. We would be glad to accept clean donations of:

    School blazers
    Black school trousers or skirts
    White shirts
    Clean black school shoes
    PE kit
    Clean PE trainers/football boots
    Black plain school coats

We are will not be accepting underwear or non-school uniform donations.

If you would like to source sustainable uniform from us, SUS uniform can be obtained by emailing where items and sizes can be requested. Or alternatively you can come into school on one of our Open SUS mornings. On these mornings you can visit reception to ask for items and sizes from one of the Friends of Helsby High School who will be happy to help you. Our first Open SUS morning is Friday 21st October from 8:45-10am.