Young people at Sixth Form Helsby prove they are the leaders of the future

Introducing our new Director of Sixth Form and new Head Student Leadership Team

We are pleased to announce that we have appointed a new Director of Sixth Form at Helsby High School, Mrs Tor Cross. Mrs Cross has worked with the Deputy Director of Sixth form, Mrs Jo Robinson, to elect the new Head Student Leadership Team for 2022 to 2023. Mrs Cross said “it was a pleasure to read all the applications submitted, meet the students in the interview situation, and listen to their responses to some very challenging questions”.

Mrs Cross went on to say that “Leadership is not an easy skill to master, but the drive, ambition and experiences communicated in each of the submissions made clear that we have students who have the capabilities to succeed as effective leaders”. The school was particularly impressed with their students as almost 40% of Year 12 students applied and have taken up a leadership role within the Sixth Form. These students will play an important part in making sure Sixth Form Helsby continues to become an excellent place for young people to further their education.

The field of students applying and shortlisted for Head Student interviews was extremely strong this year, and five exceptional students were chosen to be a part of the new team at Sixth Form Helsby. Grace W, Josh BK, Darcy T, Gemma S and Izzy D were the successful candidates and have now been appointed as the new Head Student Team. These exceptional students have already practiced their public speaking in their address to Year 5 and 6 students and their parents at the schools Open Evenings. The audiences at these two events were impressed by the confidence and maturity of these articulate students.

The school has also been able to tap into the experiences of those students who were not successful as Head Students but that have accepted Senior Ambassador roles. The skills these Senior Ambassadors offer will support and lead in areas such as transition, mental health and Sixth Form marketing and will complement the skillset of the Head Student team. As the new Director of Sixth Form for 2022-23 and onwards, Mrs Cross is confident that the abilities of this new leadership team, Senior Ambassador team and the additional Departmental Ambassadors, will mean that the school can facilitate the growth of effective and resilient young leaders and drive the Sixth Form into new areas of excellence.

Sixth Form Helsby is committed to valuing young voices, to foster future achievements.