What is it like to be a Senior Ambassador at Sixth Form Helsby?

Year 12 student, Alexie B, tells us about her experience as our Year 6 Transition Senior Ambassador.

I am Alexie, the Year 6 to 7 Transition Ambassador.

This is a new school role and was created for me after I had applied for one of the Head Student roles. Due to my time working with the SEN department and my desire to support the lower years, the transition role for was me created.

I have adored being the Ambassador for the new Year 7 students. I have been able to help organise and run the Year 6 Open Evening events and the Transition days for the Year 6s. This gave me an extreme amount of responsibility and respect from staff. I have also had the opportunity to speak to our invited Year 6 parents in the hall at these Open Evenings. Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed being apart of a team supporting the Transition but it has also given me an insight into my abilities and how this could influence my future and interests. I am now looking into a career in teaching or education.

I hope, I have made a difference to the Year 6 students and made them feel at ease to start High School. I hope knowing a familiar face will make them feel even more happy to come to my school.